We believe that your home is a living, dynamic entity that directly reflects you

 Sexton Fix | Design | Build will help you update the space and feeling of your home by providing:

space planning, organization, and interior design

mindfully choosing which items in your household to discard and which items to keep

fixing & updating disrepairs and/or

remodeling to your current needs



Interior Design & Decorating 

Well Organized Closet

Space Planning & Practical Feng Shui


Remodeling Visualizations

Colorful Tile Wall

Design Coordination & Material Selection

Madeline's experience with Feng Shui Space Planning has helped numerous clients let go of psychological barriers to having their dream space through her guided and supportive process.  She applies the practical and modern elements of Feng Shui including space organization, letting go of the old to welcome the new, and intentional placement and design.

With Madeline's background in interior design, feng shui, and graphic design and Michael's experience as a professional fine artist, we offer skilled design coordination & product selection services to further assist you throughout the remodeling process. Additionally, Madeline creates design renderings of a space to visualize colors, materials, layouts and remodeled elements. She is well versed in adobe rendering programs and Sketchup, a 3D modeling software.

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