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Designer, Maker, Handyman 


Designer, Manager 

"Mike is creative, hard-working, and is the most courteous worker that's ever been in my house. I'd recommend him for any project!" 

-Erica J., Corrales

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Hi there. We are Michael and Madeline Sexton, the founders of Sexton Fix | Design | Build. At Sexton F|D|B, we are passionate about designing and building beautiful and magical spaces that truly express people's values and personal aesthetics. We believe in excellent craftsmanship, building strong and authentic relationships, and providing creative, functional, and beautiful solutions for your space. Whether it's a simple fix-it job or a full casita remodel, we will treat you, a member of our community, with respect and provide the highest quality finished product that is possible. 




Open communication & honesty

Fair pricing

Skillful construction

Creative thinking

Beautiful design

Functional spatial solutions

Building lasting relationships


Contractor, Owner, Designer

I think spatially and artistically, so to fix, design, and build objects, spaces, and environments, I am in my natural element. I grew up in an environment where materials and tools were within my reach. For instance, in 1986, I built my first half-pipe skateboarding ramp, which eventually led me to many jobs building, fixing, and designing. I have been a fine artist for 25+ years, specializing in contemporary painting and sculpture. During my art career, I always held side jobs as a handyman and remodeler which provided me with a solid foundation for our business. After meeting Madeline and realizing that we both had a dream of creating home and making a business together to celebrate and practice the art of spatial design, we formed Sexton Fix | Design | Build. I pride myself on the craftsmanship and quality of my work originating from my family and roots.

I work with an open mind, including my clients every step of the way. My philosophy is that we are on the same team. I am always grateful to build our client's visions. 

Meet the Team


Designer, Owner, Manager 

I have always had a passion for making magical spaces and creating home. With a Certification in Feng Shui Design & Space Planning, a Certification in Interior Design from the New York Institute of Art and Design, and extensive experience in graphic design and rendering, I enjoy helping clients create harmonious, beautiful, and well-planned spaces. I help our clients with space planning and selecting the best materials for their environment. I also create 3-D renderings to assist in visualizing their space. I draw upon my previous work experience which ranges from environmental education to natural building, sustainability, and urban planning to create the best customer experience and product that's possible. 

I love being in a supporting role for our clients and helping them feel confident that they too can achieve their dream space.



Project Manager




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